Andreas Schwarz: Homage to Josef Albers (Color Animation), 2020 (corresponding: Color Applet, 2002)

Andreas Schwarz - Color Literacy

How do you teach color in art class? On this page you will find articles with many aspects that revolve around this central question. In addition, information is provided about the history of dealing with color and color material in art classes. Further cultural-historical contributions to color in various areas of application are rounded off by insights into the Schwarz Collection, which not only serves as a source of information, but often also as a source of inspiration for dealing with certain color themes.

Handbook on
Color Competence

My new handwook on color competence offers information and decision-making aid when planning how to use color in art classes.

Color Symposium on Color Education

The 13th Dresden Color Forum on the subject of COLOR EDUCATION, which was suspended several times due to Corona, is taking place on July 15th and 16th, 2022.