Color Themes

Contributions to didactics, systematics
and cultural history of colors

Communicating color - color didactics - does not just mean passing on knowledge that has been read, but rather creating situations in which visual experiences can be gained. The starting point is seeing, looking closely, judging and experiencing, with which written information in books can be critically compared. In this respect, the didactically motivated contributions presented here are linked to the urgent desire not to be satisfied with reading, but to investigate colored phenomena individually, to be open, to trust your own eyes and, above all, to admit this to the students.

How many colors exist, how do they relate to each other and how can I orient myself in this confusing variety? These are the questions that deal with the articles on color order, which are not only didactically relevant, but also interesting in terms of cultural history and have blossomed in many different ways. The latter also applies to the exotic color category, where some curiosities in the use of color in research, technology and in everyday life are presented. The collection mainly presents coloring materials (color pencils, color chalk, paintboxes) as well as didactic teaching material that has shaped the teaching of color from the beginnings of public schools in the 19th century to the present day.