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New Publication: Handbook on Color Competence

As a result of my research, in which I was supported by numerous colleagues, a handbook on color competence is finally being published, which offers orientation as a source of information and as a decision-making aid when planning how to use color in art classes."

Further information on the publication and an order option at wbv:


Color Symposium on Color Education

The 13th Dresden Color Forum on the subject of COLOR EDUCATION, which was planned for April 2020 and several times suspended due to Corona, with an exhibition on the HISTORY OF COLOR IN ART LESSONS with treasures from the Schwarz Collection is finally taking place on July 15th and 16th, 2022.

Please register directly with Prof. Ralf Weber, Color Theory Collection, TU Dresden


School wall poster “Color”

In the new school wall poster "Seeing color, judging, ordering" (60 x 84 cm), designed together with F. Schmuck, which can be obtained from Westermann Verlag, the role of color as a visually perceptible phenomenon is emphasized, in contrast to color as a theoretical construct.